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Its 6.35 and my husband  has just left  for  a 12 hour shift, I don’t work weekends so I have the whole day to myself!  He kindly  woke me up with a cup of tea, so now I am wide awake and planing my day, apart from visiting and shopping for my parents both in their 90’s  I plan to get some sewing done.  I have not blogged for a while, busy working and  holidaying in Scotland for 2 weeks, but always sewing.  While on holiday I got some more work done on my EPP Liberty scrap quilt.


Before we went I made a couple of  T -shirts from the Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee pattern with different results, it’s a free PDF  from Maria Denmark    I manged to squeeze the pieces on to  what was left from  Simplicity 2369   by cutting it a little shorter than the pattern requires, as I am only 5’2″ I didn’t think it would be a problem.

I cut a medium on the neck and shoulders grading out to XL for the  side seams. As with all Maria Denmark patterns the seam allowance has to be added to the pattern, but the instructions advise a 1 cm seam allowance, 2 cm on the sleeves and no seam allowance on the neckline, but of course I read these instructions after I had finished sewing it up!!



For the second one  in a lovely soft jersey from Fabworks  Online, I followed the instructions and the neck is a bit wider , I think I prefer the first version, has I have narrow shoulders it fits better.


Twin needle didn’t work so well this time and I resorted to a zig zag stitch around the neckline.

Oh and I also made the Dee and Doe Plantain T-shirt, another free pattern download, how I love a free pattern!!

I really like this one has it flares out over the hips, which is great for me and with the option of 3/4 and long  sleeves this will be great for the cooler weather or in the UK anytime!  Again fabric from Fabworks  Online.


I will leave you with a picture of my hanging baskets just because they were on the camera and they are very pretty!!



Bye for now











10 thoughts on “6.35am

  1. I was quite impressed with my hanging basket until I saw yours! They’re beautiful! How did you get them looking so full? Also, great tops! They’ll be very useful in the coming months!

    1. Thanks, we got the baskets from Aldi, they are plastic with holes all round the side, and then filled with plants, Surfinia petunias are great for trailing down.

  2. Trisha, do you recall which categories your Fabworks knits were from? I’m trying to mentally sort out heavier from lighter weight knits on their site so I can make some tees. Many thanks!
    Your baskets are fabulous!!! Love those trailing petunias. (We have Aldi’s here, too.) Hope you’re enjoying your day… 😀

    1. Hi Del, as far as I can remember they were just under the Jersey tab, I was guided by the description which was spot on, sometimes it can be a bit of a lottery when ordering jersey/knits online.

  3. Your Liberty scrap quilt is coming on beautifully.

    Just considering making my daughter one of those Maria Denmark tees so a timely post. I actually prefer the striped one but that might just be because it appears to be fitting the mannequin better. My overlocker has been chewing things up lately so I need to give it a bit of TLC before I make anything else with stretch fabric
    Lovely hanging baskets!!

  4. You sewing was looking lovely but then I got to the end and your handiwork in the garden has definitely stole the show! What a stunning display!
    Have you tried the Polly Top from by hand London? Another free one and something a little bit different. I’ve only made one but always get lots of compliments when I wear it (I’m a sucker for the freebies too!) 😀

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