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Christmas Gifts

I didn’t make many gifts this year just 4 quilted stockings, large versions of the mini stocking I put in my #StitichingSanta.PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERABut for some reason I manged to make 3 stocking with the toe pointing to the left and 1 pointing right!PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA

For my Dad who is 92 and spends lots of time sitting, an armchair tidy, so he can keep his glasses, magnifying glass and remote control all with in easy reach.  I didn’t use a pattern and just guessed the measurements.


Two  pavement infinity scarfs  from  fiber flux my first endeavors with Crochet.  I found a downloadable label here, which has space to add the washing instructions and backed on some scrapbook paper.

I definitely need to be more organised and start my Christmas gift making  earlier, I think this every year, it never happens!!


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Learning to Crochet (at last)

I have long wished I could crochet,  My Mum taught me to knit and sew but she didn’t crochet so I never got to learn.  Then a couple of years ago my Father in law and his wife tried to teach me while they were staying in England, but I am left handed and I  just couldn’t get it.

But I can knit and sew, surely I should be able to master crochet.  So armed with a crochet hook and an odd ball of wool I found a tutorial on YouTube from Bella Coco for left handed beginners to make a granny square.  Well I have no desire to make granny squares (yet), but it showed me how to hold the hook and work the wool round my fingers.

Using Google and Pinterest I have discovered  plenty of free patterns I finally settled on the Pavement Scarf from Fiber Flux  here

So far I have made a couple of these………

I am now making a third scarf, think I’m addicted!!