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Its been a while

Its been a while…………..  about 8 months! 

I did quite a lot of sewing in the summer but didn’t do any blogging about it, my sewing tailed off in the autumn and then a crazy period of Christmas present sewing resulted in 4 cosmetic/pen cases, glasses case, 2 hot water bottle covers and a Kimono style dressing gown in Liberty cotton lawn.  None of which I took any photos of!!

Another reason the sewing took a backseat was I got my knitting mojo back (its been lost for a very long time) I knitted a chunky sweater, 2 bobble hats and then I discovered knitting socks ! I have made 5 pairs so far!

Knitted  using circular needles,  great for TV knitting. After knitting with super chunky  on large needles, knitting with tiny  circular needles felt a bit like knitting with cocktail sticks.

If you want to try sock knitting, I recommend watching Tina of Simply Stitches on YouTube she uses the Unapologetic Knitter Vanilla Sock pattern which is a free download and converts it very easily to knitting on a circular needle.

But what to do with the left-over yarn? 


My Liberty hexagon quilt has been getting some love recently, I got it out after Christmas, as a sofa sewing project.


I currently have on the sewing table a pinafore dress in grey corduroy.  The pattern is Simplicity 1252 which I have made before

I am waiting for a zip to arrive in the post but meantime I can’t decide whether to add pockets or not. 


What do you think yes or no to the pockets?

9 thoughts on “Its been a while

  1. Welcome back! So nice to hear all is going well for you and you’ve been busy. If I ever get enough knitting mojo to attempt socks this is a welcomed reference. Still chuckling about the cocktail sticks!

  2. You did well to keep busy! People love to read blogs, but if you are prolific, you gain more respect and people will admire you more. I especially love the socks!!!

  3. I agree about knitting with cocktail sticks – probably why I’ve taken so long to knit one pair!!
    I think ‘yes’ to the pockets on this occasion as it will add some interest to the grey fabric – you’ve also reminded me I bought some grey needlecord to make a shirtdress which has become yet another addition to my stash. I like the sixties feel to this dress pattern – I hope you’ll be wearing it with some ‘kinky boots’ 😉

  4. Ooh welcome back. I accidentally took a blogging break and seem to be back now too 😊 sock knitting is great isn’t it. I find it’s a great traveling project.
    I think any garment should have pockets in it…

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