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Learning to Crochet (at last)

I have long wished I could crochet,  My Mum taught me to knit and sew but she didn’t crochet so I never got to learn.  Then a couple of years ago my Father in law and his wife tried to teach me while they were staying in England, but I am left handed and I  just couldn’t get it.

But I can knit and sew, surely I should be able to master crochet.  So armed with a crochet hook and an odd ball of wool I found a tutorial on YouTube from Bella Coco for left handed beginners to make a granny square.  Well I have no desire to make granny squares (yet), but it showed me how to hold the hook and work the wool round my fingers.

Using Google and Pinterest I have discovered  plenty of free patterns I finally settled on the Pavement Scarf from Fiber Flux  here

So far I have made a couple of these………

I am now making a third scarf, think I’m addicted!!



7 thoughts on “Learning to Crochet (at last)

  1. Crochet IS addictive and you-tube is what rekindled my long dormant skills after being taught many years ago by my Gran. Enjoy your crochet journey. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed looking at your blog today Trisha, thanks for popping in to see mine too!

  2. Your scarves look great, especially the blue one. I’m just learning to crochet as I fell for the coast ripple blanket on Attic 24, someone showed me the basics at a WI weekend and I’ve just about sussed out the ripple pattern, on my second row of a blanket but taking forever as it has 217 stitches, hoping I will speed up a bit with practice 🙂

    1. I will have to check out the Coast Ripple Blanket, although it sounds a lot harder than the Pavement Scarf, I can make one in an evening in front of the tv.

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