Scarf Neck Cardigan

While browsing the Swoon website for bag patterns I came across this Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern, a free PDF download,


The pattern was a bit fiddly to put together all 32 pages!  but its free! so that’s no big deal.

I did differ from the pattern instructions in one way which was to put the sleeves in flat and then sew the arm and side seams up.  I have never done this before and  it worked really well.    I don’t have an overlocker so used the stretch stitch on my sewing machine.  Also the sleeves are very long, or perhaps I have short arms!



The fabric is a cotton stretch jersey reduced in the sale from Minerva.

So its not the most glamorous cardigan in the world, but its so comfortable, great for pottering about at home.

6 thoughts on “Scarf Neck Cardigan

  1. This is awesome, I’m going to go and download it right away! I feel your pain with the pages – I printed off and assembled a 44 page pattern the other day. Always worth it in the end though, isn’t it? 🙂

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