Sunday Sewing

With the weather warming up, my thoughts are turning to sewing for my spring/summer wardrobe.  I wanted to use  two fabrics that I bought from John Lewis last autumn, a navy chambray and this cotton lawn which John Lewis have called Blotchy floral……..surely they could have thought of something a little more charming!PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA


The jacket is New Look 6028 and a blatant copy of an ideal by fellow blogger Camilla over at Making and Marking, to turn back the sleeves to reveal the lining.

PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA I decided not to line the sleeves completely with the cotton lawn, mainly because I wanted to keep back enough fabric to make a little shell top.


PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERAMy son has just given me The Great British Sewing Bee Fashion with Fabric book  for a Mothers Day present so I am about to up my feet up and enjoy  a good read!

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing

  1. Love this! :-)) Your lining works really well and I am flattered to have been mentioned. I think this looks like a lovely jacket that will get lots of wear during spring, well done!

  2. Oh I love the lining fabric! Great idea turning the sleeves up Makes it more casual.

    I’m making a Simple Sews “Jackie O” Jacket that looks similar in shape. I’m trying to use up my “practice” fabrics so it’s going to be a brown/hint of pink wool jacket. I might have a go at lining it after seeing this. It’s all practice for me! 🙂

  3. This looks lovely for spring. I really like your idea to not line the entire sleeve with that pretty lawn – it would have been a waste!

  4. Great idea to only line the turn ups with pricy fabric leaving enough to make another garment! Still waiting for my Fashion With Fabrics to arrive free with my subscription to Love Sewing….

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