Roman Blind

Roman Weekends

I have spent the last couple of weekends making Roman blinds, first up was the kitchen window.   There are several different ways to make Roman blinds, Debbie Shore’s tutorial on  U-Tube  is very clear and easy to follow and although I  have made   Roman blinds in the past its good to have a reminder and get it clear in your head before you start cutting!  Debbie uses a wooden batten on which to hang the blind, I chose to use a purpose made blind rail from Dunelm.  Roman blinds are very economic with fabric as you only need the same amount of fabric as the size of the window.




The fabric was one curtain from a pair given to me, which I am slowly finding uses for.


Next it was the turn  of the bay window in the sitting room………..


Unfortunately I measured the drop from the top of the window and then my husband fitted the blind rail  higher up on the plastic above the window, which I didn’t discover until I tried to hang the blind…….  after much swearing and moaning (me swearing and him moaning) and the rail was moved down and the blind fitted, much to my relief.

This fabric also started out as a pair of curtains, I am hoping the creases will drop out!



The photo’s don’t really show the colour of the blind which is not pink or burgundy but deep red and exactly matches the sofa.

I have had enough of making blinds for now  –  looking forward to sewing something more interesting, all those straight lines get a bit boring!


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