T-Shirt Quilt

When I first had the idea of making a quilt out of my sons old T-shirts, I thought I was being original, but a quick search on the internet, and I discovered its quite a popular thing to do, especially in USA.


The T-shirts are stabilised with fusible interfacing, which stops the t-shirt fabric from stretching making it easier to stitch to the woven cotton shirt fabric used for the stashing, the binding is also made from a man’s cotton shirt.   The backing is cut from a duvet cover.  

The reason that half the quilt appears upside down is so that when its on the back of the sofa it will look the right way round from the back and the front, don’t believe me…….. you’re quite right I stitched the halves together the wrong way!!

This quilt has been languishing  unfinished in my sewing room for about a year so its good to have it finally finished in time for my sons birthday tomorrow.


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